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Kamibashi and Fairtrade


Fair Trade Federation Members

Fair Trade means that our artists receive adequate pay for their quality work.

Kamibashi has always practiced Fair Trade principles, which include working with artisans in developing countries (in our case Thailand) and paying fair prices for their amazing work. We have been a member of the Fair Trade Federation since April 2012.


Final assembly of a Salary Man String Doll. One sample of these amazing creations that appeared in the markets of Thailand in 2004 and it wasn't long before a whole cottage industry had sprung up.

Adding her final touches to a number of Purl String Dolls: One of our skillful and dedicated doll makers at the "String Doll village" in Thailand.

Kamibashi Products: Each Piece is a Piece of Art

Kamibashi is dedicated to quality and, just as importantly, we are also dedicated to paying our artists well for their hard work. We have worked with the same artisan groups for 8 years and we follow the below Fair Trade Principles as put forth by the Fair Trade Federation. To read more about Fair Trade and to find other FT vendors and retailers, please visit www.FairTradeFederation.org.

The artists from our "String Doll village" at work.

CREATE OPPORTUNITY for artisans and farmers in the Global South who live in poverty and lack access to long term, well paying jobs. FTF members act in the interest of these producers to improve their quality of life.

BUILD CAPACITY of farmers, artisans and their communities. FTF members invest time and resources to help producers build their businesses and improve their communities.

PAY PROMPTLY & FAIRLY and discuss prices openly and honestly, so that producers understand their costs and earn a fair wage. FTF members also offer advance payment to help cover the cost of production.

CULTIVATE ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP by encouraging responsible use of resources and eco-friendly means of production. FTF members reduce, reuse, reclaim, and recycle materials wherever possible.

SUPPORT SAFE & EMPOWERING WORKING CONDITIONS that are healthy and free of discrimination. In these workplaces, producers and employees have a voice in the decisions that affect them most.

DEVELOP TRANSPARENT & ACCOUNTABLE RELATIONSHIPS with artisans and farmers, to ensure that they have long-term jobs. Fair trade buyers and fair trade producers are honest with each other and work together to solve problems.

ENSURE THE RIGHTS OF CHILDREN by never using exploitative child labor. FTF members support children’s right to security, education, and play and respect the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

PROMOTE FAIR TRADE by raising awareness about fair trade, educating customers and producers, and inspiring other businesses to adopt fair trade practices.

RESPECT CULTURAL IDENTITY of farmer and artisan communities. Fair trade products and production methods reflect the history and traditions of artisans and farmers in the Global South.