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String Doll Gang Characters Heading to Hollywood
The Jim Henson Co. to pitch TV show featuring Kamibashi's original String Dolls

Kamibashi in the Press

The Jim Henson Co. aims to bring the tactile nature of the String Doll Gang to the TV screen.

Kidscreen Magazine, Oct. 22, 2010
by Lana Castleman

Based on toy property The String Doll Gang™, which The Jim Henson company picked up to license into consumer products in 2008, this new series features just as wide a range of characters as those conceived by doll creator Kamibashi. To help shape what Henson CEO Lisa Henson calls the "world of weirdness" the dolls inhabit in this pure comedy concept, viewers get to traverse the Stringdom with main characters Skates and Emo — the Princess and Prince of Yarnia. In each ep, the pair gets dispatched by their father the King to a far-flung corner of Yarnia, be it to the volcano that spews feathers when it erupts or a seemingly invisible village inhabited by tiny ninjas. Along with the madcap quality of the scripts, Henson says the company is aiming to bring the tactile nature of the dolls to the screen. The just-completed animation test depicts a unique tactile world forged from string, felt and other fabrics.

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