At Kamibashi we care – about the satisfaction of our customers, the quality of our products, and the well-being of the artists we work with and their families.
We also care about the state of the world around us. During our sixth year in business we introduced a special new group of dolls that, while cute and lovable in their own right, are also performing a valuable philanthropic purpose: for every one of these “Kamibashi Cares” dolls that we sell, Kamibashi® will donate
$.50 or $1.00 to over fifteen different charities that we have chosen to work with. Each year we add another Kamibashi Cares doll to the group and so be sure to check back at least yearly to see who our latest addition is! 
Many thanks to you, our customers, for not only supporting Kamibashi, but the world around us too.
Organizaion Donations
Dive Pirate Foundation $224.50
Prevention Plus $253.00
Schools For Hope $1,163.00
Whale and Dolphin Conservation $3070.00
Heart Disease Research $4,508.00
The American Red Cross $6,299.00
Pretty in Pink Foundation $7,728.00
America's Wetland Foundation $2,366.00
Orangutan Outreach $1,648.50
Give A Beat $3,206.00
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Foundation $10,592.00
The Amazon Conservation Team $2,242.00
Int. Fund for Animal Welfare $18,996.50
The National Marine Life Center $848.00
LymeCares $460.00
MANNA Food Bank NC $3,976.00
Kamibashi CARES Donated Total $67,481.98