String Doll Floor Display
String Doll Floor Display

String Doll Floor Display

(For Retailers Only)

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Holds: 200 - 240 dolls. 5 rows of 40 characters or 6 rows of 48 characters (pictured), 5 dolls per hook.

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Holds: 200 - 240 dolls. 20 hooks per side for 40 total characters or 24 hooks per side for a total of 48 characters (pictured), 5 dolls per hook.

Dimensions: 5’ 5” tall, 16” wide, 12” deep

Price includes shipping. Dolls and display ships separately.

Minimum Opening Order: 200 dolls, min. 5 per character which will cost $1100. Girl and boy dolls of the same design, such as Super Teacher girl and boy, can hang on the same hook and count as one character.

Includes 10 free dolls of your choice to offset display cost. For example, you will receive 210 dolls for the price of 200 dolls.

Minimum Reorder: 30 dolls, no minimum per character

What makes our floor display a winner is that your customers will have a big selection to choose from and will likely buy more than just one! Retailers who have a floor display and/or carry a large selection of string dolls order twice as often as stores who do not.

To fill it up, choose from our full selection of characters or have us fill it up with best sellers for you. Either way, if you find that some dolls just aren't moving, we encourage you to send them back to swap them out for something new.

Total Cost: 

Display + Shipping: $250

200 Dolls (plus 10 FREE dolls): $1100

Total = $1350.