At Kamibashi we care – about the satisfaction of our customers, the quality of our products, and the well-being of the artists we work with and their families.
We also care about the state of the world around us. During our sixth year in business we introduced a special new group of dolls that, while cute and lovable in their own right, are also performing a valuable philanthropic purpose: for every one of these “Kamibashi Cares” dolls that we sell, Kamibashi® will donate $.50 or $1.00 to over fifteen different charities that we have chosen to work with. Each year we add another Kamibashi Cares doll to the group and so be sure to check back at least yearly to see who our latest addition is! 
Many thanks to you, our customers, for not only supporting Kamibashi, but the world around us too.
Dive Pirate Foundation $1,401.68
Prevention Plus $606.00
Schools For Hope $1,993.00
Whale and Dolphin Conservation $4,037.00
Heart Disease Research $6,296.00
The American Red Cross $7,839.00
Pretty in Pink Foundation $8,820.00
America's Wetland Foundation $2,506.50
Orangutan Outreach $1,828.50
Give A Beat $3,206.00
Intrepid Fallen Heroes $12,064.00
The Amazon Conservation Team $2,621.00
Int. Fund for Animal Welfare $24,388.00
The National Marine Life Center $1,219.00
LymeCares $620.50
Don't Be A Monster $1,868.50
Suicide Prevention Lifeline $821.00
MANNA Food Bank NC $4,696.95
Kamibashi CARES Donated Total as of March 2023 $86,832.63

Don't Be A Monster


Prevention Plus of Burlington County




National Marine Life Center


Schools For Hope


Whale & Dolphin Conservation


Heart Disease Research

My name is Heather and I was born with heart disease.

My condition is called Transposition of the great arteries (TGA). This also affects the lungs. I've had three open heart surgeries to help with my breathing levels and more. I'm doing ok but down the line I need a heart and lungs transplant. I'm on oxygen and trying to just live my life.

I'm writing to you all at Kamibashi because I would love to have a string doll made for me and the women and men who have Heart Disease. It could also help encourage people to become a donor and show them there are those in need of a donor. I love how we have the American Heart Association and I feel like we need a string doll to help get these causes more known.

I would love for you to make a doll with the saying "A light heart lives long." It means that you can't take life that seriously or it will drive you crazy & make your life miserable. People who live light-heartedly generally enjoy better health, hence the longer life :) I think this really fits me. By buying the doll, people could donate a dollar to AHA.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I love your dolls.

:-) Heather

Helping People in Times of Trouble


Pretty in Pink


America's Wetland Foundation


Intrepid Fallen Heros Fund


International Fund for Animal Welfare


The Amazon Conservation Team


Suicide Prevention Lifline


Orangutan Outreach


The Japanese Red Cross


Dive Pirates Foundation